I have mostly seen Dr. Anderson over the last few years, and he has helped tremendously. Initially, I just wanted to not be in terrible pain- eventually, however, I had a new goal of getting in better shape. When you are a little overweight and you try to get in shape, it can be a painful process, but Dr. Anderson makes is much more smooth than it would be otherwise. It is important to note that these guys aren’t your average Chiropractors. They take the “sport” part seriously and are much more like a cross between a physical therapist and a chiropractor. They help with stretches, exercises, and provide multiple services that help with pain (acupuncture, medical massage, adjustments, etc.). You will not be disappointed!
— Christopher Glazer
I had my first visit today with Dr. Ryan Anderson. Without question if you are searching for a chiropractor, he is the guy you need to go see. He is not like your typical Chiro that is eager to get you in and out. Dr. Anderson takes him time, addressing every concern you have. Just after one visit I feel incredibly better and I’m excited to continue working with him from now on. Thanks, Ryan!
— Jordan Dupree
As I inch closer to 50, I have had several nagging injuries that have prevented me from doing the two things I love most, working out and playing golf. I have tried several doctors along the way but no one was able to get me back in the game until I met Dr. Bhatt. I have gone to Mike for 4 years now and have never felt better in my life. I am a 6 handicap and sometimes in need of help! The Titleist Performance Institute screen and treatment prescribed by Dr. Bhatt identified limitations in my body likely causing swing-faults that were likely leading to my injuries. Since addressing these I have been improving consistency on the golf course and healthy. There have been times it only took one to three sessions until I was totally pain-free. It’s truly amazing. If you are suffering from an injury I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!
— Matt N.
Dr. Bhatt’s treatment and prescription of specific flexibility and strength exercises have been instrumental in keeping my golf game in top shape. As a retired professional baseball player and World Series Champion, I have various aches and pains that sometimes limit my ability to play golf at the high level that I expect of myself. Treatment as needed with Dr. Bhatt and the daily use of my SwingBak foam roller are so very important that is a fact!
— Kevin M.
Dr. Bhatt has worked with me to increase the strength and functionality of my hip as I work to delay hip replacement surgery. My strength and mobility have improved greatly, much to my surprise and pleasure, Dr. Bhatt was worked with me to use the muscles in my lower body to improve my golf game. He has given me home care instruction and exercises that he gives to some of the best golf professionals in the world. What a win/win!
— Rick H.